(Solved)How to break the loop “Restart Surface to Modify security settings”

Handing on my new Surface Pro 4,I try to  install ubuntu on it. But I lost my “Security” menu in UEFI while I try to boot from a PE in my USB stick.Then I get stuck in the “Restart to Surface UEFI” loop with a message ‘The security settings on Surface cannot be modified at this time. A restart is required to make changes to the security settings’. The default security settings menu no longer appear no matter how many times I restart. I googled as many as I can, but I still cannot find a way to fix this.


Though I nearly give up this, but as a geek I have to know what’s the ball in it. It still lingered in my mind luring me. And most important I feel I lost my control on my computer, which is unacceptable!

I have to know!!! Or I can’t stop to ponder this.

Last night, an idea occured in my mind. I try to turn off the ‘Devices’ to trigger the settings to fix this. The result is amazing. I didn’t believe it worked. The pity is I still don’t know the reason why this happend.

Turn off the Devices:


The Security settings come back again:


Turn on all the Devices, you don’t expect a computer without camera, WIFI, and bluetooth…


Enjoy your full-controled computer again!


by Chen Miao

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