‘Tsinghua Reading Clocking In ‘ Day 9 – Thorny Road of Honor

Reading Clocking-in+Day 9+《外国散文精品鉴赏》+Reading Notes

Hans Christian Andersen’s prose Thorny Road of Honor show us the history of the some those greatest people with the slides-like experience. Those honoured people have similar stories with those fictional stories except that they usually didn’t have a happy end with which those fictional stories have. They struggle happiness for the people and fight against those dictators.

For starters, we saw Socrates had been mocked by the people though he protected those people from 30 despots. Later, we saw seven Greek cities argued the place of Homer’s birth. The ironic thing is that when he was alive, he roamed in those cities and worrying about life tomorrow. So many fighters that received unfairness in their living time. They were treated like crazies and locked with chains.

This is history. History show us with its truth and disgusting detail. Moreover, it repeated again and again. Nevertheless, we need them. With their persistent struggling and fighting,we can come to an end with glory and happy. They are the light in the thorny road. Let there be light!

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